screenprint // letterpress // illustration

Screen printing has become one of my preferred methods of image making over the years. Here are a few of my favorites.

A PSA poster series utilizing risograph printing methods to challenge the rigid norms set by our gender binary system and encourage those to break them. The world does not merely consist of pink and blue, but instead, shades of purple.

Lola has joined the #happyperiod family to create a limited-edition tampon package that aims to destigmatize menstruation and destroy the taboos surrounding feminine care. The problem that I see with most tampon packaging is that it’s dull, plain, and prioritizes discreetness. In my repackaging of Lola’s tampons, I wanted to create a package that celebrated individuality and femininity. Often times, women are forced to act as if they should be ashamed of getting their  period. Women are told to keep quiet about having it and encouraged not to talk about it in public. The pattern I created was inspired by the Memphis Design Group, who saw modernism as “devoid of personality and individualism,” which is exactly how I see most tampon packaging. The pattern I created is a reaction to the humorless, slick, minimalist designs of traditional tampon packaging. 

This was a print that I submitted for the Second State Press Print Exchange. It was featured in the University of the Arts exhibit, Prints We Made, in Philadelphia, as well. 


Social change projects are very important to me. I find myself lucky enough to be in a field where

I can tell visual stories. Knowing that twenty-two random strangers would be receiving this screen print, I felt this was a great opportunity to share Cyntoia Brown’s story, who by the age of 14 was a victim of the sex trafficking industry. She was kidnapped and sold to a child predator and has been

in prison since 2004 for shooting her captor, while the man involved remains free.


With these prints and hashtag, I hope to raise awareness about Cyntoia Brown’s story in the hope that it could help her in anyway to gain freedom and justice.

Red is Sexy is a screen print I made that talks about destroying the stigma surrounding menstruation. I hope to create an environment that women can still feel comfortable and confident while bleeding.

Girls Spreading is a zine I created with a series of screen prints. One of my less serious pieces,

this work really focuses on empowering women to take control of whatever environment they

find themselves in.